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Drawings done in my little free time. I have several stories pending that I may eventually get to.



Ocean by Lifeisstillsweet

Overall, a great photo. The lines leading to the center instantly bring your focus in to the gems. The reflections disorient you slight...

Valentine by Takkaia
by Takkaia

This is in general wonderful. The impact on those who know the meaning is huge, and it is simple. The simplicity of it and how the card...




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United States
I am an 11th grader living in the United States. I enjoy many television shows, movies, video games, and books, and waste my time obsessing over them. My drawings are generally traditional, but I recently began getting back into the digital medium. I am always willing to talk and am rarely gone from the computer for more than 12 hours.
Basic Info About Your Best Friend!
Your name: Rachel
Best friend's Name?: Avery
Your age?: 17
Best friends Age?: 17
How long have you known each other?: 3 years what what
Is this the only best friend you have?: I have different BFF's from different places- like my neighborhood BFF, my school BFF. But Avery's my Southridge/Marching Band/Super gay/super awesome bff ;D

When did you meet?: First day of band camp
How old were you both?: Ugh we were 14
Where did you meet? band camp woot woot
How did you meet?: Sexy Saxophones we are
Did you get along instantly?: Hahaha it turns out that being humiliated together is a great bonding experience.
Why do you feel you became best friends?: Because he's hella and I'm hella, so yeah.

You were instantly friends: Not immediately, I thought he was cool at first, though.
Your best friend knows every single one of your secrets: I don't really have many secrets??? All of them I can think of.
You think you know all their secrets: Nope
You believe that this person is the most loyal friend you have: Avery's dope like that
You believe this friendship will last until the end of time: I do think so.
This person is the most supportive person you know: Avery's super supportive in the cool way where he like doesn't make a huge deal so it's easy to talk to him.
This person is the one you call when you have a problem: Ha ha ha telling people about problems
You have slept with person: Sleepovers ftw
This person is/was/will be your best man/maid of honor: I won't get married
There is nothing you do not know about this person: You never know everything.

Well, let's test your knowledge! (these are all questions about your best friend)
Eye Color: Is pretty a color???? No but seriously they're like a myriad of colors mostly greenish/hazelish with some light brown flecks tho
Hair color:  Light brown
Hair style: Short and hella
Height: Like 5 something
Weight: Light enough for me to carry even though SOMEBODY doesn't trust me.
Shoe size: same size yo
Number of piercings: IDK um I'm a bad person 4???
Number of tattoos: 1/2
Favorite Color: Uh oh. 
Favorite TV show: Oh god I don't know anymore. Supernatural??? OITNB??? Strange Sex??? It's Strange Sex
Favorite Movie: *laughs nervously* Well I'm going to say NOT something with Misha Colins 
Favorite pair of shoes: Psh he hates shoes
Favorite Clothing store: Homo TM
Favorite food: Apples and burgers
Favorite animal: Unicorns duh
Favorite restaurant: Anywhere that serves burgers and doesn't make you order in person.
Favorite Band: Something???
Favorite Song: IDK man
Favorite Genre of Music: Well we like the same kind of thing
Favorite perfume/cologne: Lolnop
Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Depends on the time. Sometimes Ginger Ale just by necessity, sometimes Gatorade idk
Favorite Alcoholic drink: I dunno we don't talk about alcohol
Favorite city: Uh
Who does he/she live with: Usually mom
What kind of car does your best friend drive: Well SOMEONE might be getting a new car but SOMEONE won't tell me what it is.
Parent's Name(s): Yeah no that's really weird
Siblings names: sAm needs to LEAVE i'm glad he did
Pet's names: Dog, OMGRAMMYBBYCUTIEPIE, HatesMyGuts, and Fatsy
Bedroom colors: Oh shit.
First boyfriend/girlfriend: Oh. First???
First school attended: Heh um

What is your best friend's religion?: Athiest
Do you practice it also? Um kinda idk um?
Do you agree with it?: yeah totally, man
Do you argue about it?: not at all

Has this person met your significant other? I don't have one???
Do they get along or would they get along?:We are both single pringles
Do they consider each other friends?: n/a
Have you met your best friend's significant other?: n/a
Did you get along?: n/a
Did you consider his/her bf/gf your friend, too?: n/a
How many relationships has your best friend been through since you have known him/her?: none
Are you their "crying shoulder" when something goes wrong?: Well to the extent of our stunted emotions??? I hope

Totally Random stuff no one asks about your friend!
Weirdest gift you have received from your friend? Well probably whatever I'm getting for my birthday
Weirdest gift you bought for your friend? Hahaha justin beiber
When was your first sleepover?: Uhhhh
What did you do?: Probably dumb things. Was it our first sleepover when we walked to McDonalds but they refused to let us walk through the drive through? Rip off
Have you been intoxicated or otherwise under the influence together?: I think he's been high a few times, but IDGAF
Does your friend smoke?: Occasionally
Does your friend drink often?: Sometimes I think? I know he prefers smoking
Has your best friend seen you naked? I don't think so
Have you ever been to the doctor together?: no
Do you think you could live together?: Hell yeah it'd be awesome
Why/Why not?: Dont' give me any of that needy/pissy bs, it'd be fine and I know how to deal with it.
What thing does your best friend most often say? "stop saying hella" but he can't keep the hella in hellahellahella
What thing does your best friend do that irritates you most? Irritates me? Nothing

Nearing the end...
Did you have fun?: Yeah
Did you get stumped?: Kinda??
Do you think your best friend will do this for you?: Already done
Why/why not?: Because he's cool

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