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Drawings done in my little free time. I have several stories pending that I may eventually get to.



Valentine by Takkaia
by Takkaia

This is in general wonderful. The impact on those who know the meaning is huge, and it is simple. The simplicity of it and how the card...



Hi everyone, I'm moving accounts to :iconveggiescrub:. I feel like this account is old and I want to have something of a fresh start. I'll be rewatching everyone I am right now, but in all odds I won't be looking at this account for a while. 

Hope you join me at the next account!

Warning, this is just going to be me complaining about feeling sick, so there's nothing important.

Two mornings ago, I woke up with a fever of 101.5, a cough, and soreness to the high heavens. Thus began the juggling act of being sick with diabetes.

Long story short, because of diabetes, when I get sick my body flips out. I have to micro-manage my blood sugar and ketone levels (basically when my body freaks out if there's too much sugar in my body. It tries getting rid of it in any way possible) while keeping my fever down, because if that's high I might as well give up. I have to check my blood sugar about every two hours, and then check ketones and temperature about every five.

My fever is now at a steady 102.4 unless I take Tylenol (which I can't be on ALL day). I have a chest cough that gets worse when I lie down along with that super oppressive feeling where you just can't do anything. Like, even watching tv feels like too much work sometimes. I need to drink constantly because of the fever and ketone risk, but if I put something in my stomach too fast I want to throw up (which brings up the additional problem of I don't feel like I can eat - but I'll get to that later).

As to my sleep schedule, I still haven't been able to sleep for more than three hours at a time. I keep waking up from my cough, my fever, or diabetes making me feel like crap. Tonight I got about seven hours of sleep (divided by one hour of staying awake) which was a new record.

Now, to the juggling.

I need to keep the fever down as much as possible as to not get so dehydrated that I get ketones. Now, like I said, Tylenol helps, but I can't be on it all day because of the daily dose maxes. My kidney struggles enough with diabetes, I'm not going to poke a bear with a stick. So, I need to balance my doses so my fever stays down while I'm asleep (I'll specify more later), which means of course I have a fever of over 102 for at least part of the day. Joy. This factor is fairly independent (it's not effected by anything else), but if I drop it then eeeeverything else falls apart.

My blood sugar is a major problem because it is effected by the fever and effects the ketones. It's also effected by the fact that I can't eat. Without eating, my body is faced with a schedule it doesn't recognize. My blood sugar is already crazy just because it flips out when I'm sick, so when I don't eat I have no idea what's going to happen. If I have a fever, then my blood sugar is going to run high. If my blood sugar is high, I'm going to have ketones, basically no matter what. This is why I have to check every two hours - to make sure my blood sugar isn't going to go haywire just because it feels like it.

Now, the doozy. Ketones are the end-game. If I have ketones, I feel even worse, I get extremely dehydrated, and there is a solid chance I'm going to throw up. Now, when I'm sick, there are three main things that will give me ketones. A high blood sugar, not drinking enough, and not eating. You can see the problem. I've managed to keep the ketones down during the day through the micro-managing of blood sugar and steady intake of fluids. I've had to eat something obviously, but it's mostly been small doses of fruit. At night, though, I'm a sitting duck. If I have a fever at night, I'm screwed because that's an auto-dehydrate and I'll have large ketones (the highest amount). However, the problem still stands that when I'm sleeping, I can't check my blood sugar, I'm not drinking, and I'm not eating. I haven't managed to go a single night without getting at least small ketones. 

If I have any of the three, I feel even worse. If, god forbid, I have all three, I basically just sit around, staring at the wall while listening to soft music.

Also, much less important, but I get dizzy when I stand up and have a very slight headache. In addition, whenever I sleep I have really vivid but disorienting dreams, and it's almost like I'm still dreaming as I'm waking up. Sorry, just had to get all the complaints out.

So, that is my rant. Sorry if you've read it, I know it's a drag. I just like complaining, so I had to get it out somehow. If you have any questions about my diabetes babble, feel free to ask.
Pkmn Code Lyoko: Ezekiel by spock-lover
Pkmn Code Lyoko: Ezekiel

  (edited to fit requirements!)
  Name: Ezekiel Dalka (Zeke)

 Grade:  College Freshman
Gender Male
Species: Zubat
Nature: Bashful 
Shy, doesn't like or want attention. 
Characteristic: Alert to sounds
 Ability: Inner Focus 
 Personality: Ezekiel is very much a product of his home. Having lived in a Romani society, he finds it difficult to adapt to the ways in the school. He hates being alone and will seek to be around others whenever possible, often coming off as annoying or clingy to others. As a result of his insecurities involving the contrast between his lifestyle and that of the Kadic Acadamy, he usually remains quiet and observes rather than risk accidentally bringing attention to his differences. Despite this, he has a great sense of humor and insists on partaking in any activity his friends are, if only to be a part of the group. Partially due to his fear of rejection and partially a result of his home, Zeke is very susceptible to peer-pressure and will do almost anything to fit in. He is incredibly passionate about music.


IMPORTANT NOTE: I do not know much about Romani culture, although I have done my best to educate myself before making this character. If I have written something incorrect or offensive, please let me know and I will change it immediately. 

Being of Romani descent, Ezekiel’s family travelled in a band of about 150 individuals that moved from cave to cave whenever things got too hostile for a group of Zubats. Although the band had deviated from some aspects of the Romani lifestyle, he lived a fairly traditional life. Zeke was constantly surrounded by others, either with his four younger siblings or adults in his community. Being the oldest child, Ezekiel was responsible for his siblings and uphold traditions. He was treated like a small adult all his life and began training for his father’s work, “farming,” at the age of six. The job entailed preparing Pokemon for the band’s daily meal leading the survivors back into safety for future meals. He made many friends during the training, including two named Emil and Nicu. They spent almost every day together, until when they were 11 and Nicu was killed by a feral Sandshrew. Mourning the loss of their friend, Emil and Zeke began spending more time with each other in order to cope.

His musical talent was revealed quite early by his singing ability, and soon he began playing the trumpet. He found much joy in music and spent many nights joining in songs with the community. His skills were refined by adults that had been playing for years, and people began suspecting he had a future in musical careers. It wasn’t until Zeke was nine that he learned how to read. As his siblings were old enough to help with farming, he had time to read Braile. He received no formal education, but learned rudimentary arithmatics and grammar through the stories he read. Although his responsibilities in work and family left little time to read, he compromised by reading stories during his turns in telling traditionally oral tales at meals.

When entering his preteen years, Ezekiel began facing troubles with differences between his motives and what was expected of him. At the age of 12, he was betrothed to be married at 16. Ezekiel rebelled against this and managed to avoid his betrothal. His family wanted to be supportive of him, but struggled to cope with his resentment of their tradition. At this time, Ezekiel realized why he never seemed interested in any of the girls his parents arranged him with – he was in love with Emil. Terrified of his family’s reaction, he tried to avoid the epiphany for years. When he was 16, however, he managed to get a private moment with his old friend while farming and revealed his feelings. To his relief, his feelings were reciprocated. Over the next two years, they continued the relationship in secret. Ezekiel suspected his family knew about them, because whenever Emil was mentioned they became curt and pressed him to settle down with a girl. As Zeke and Emil were both too old to be a bachelor, they were both facing pressure.

During what would have been Ezekiel’s senior year of high school, he was approached by a stranger as he played his harp on a street corner.  This stranger was a Kirlia from Kadic Academy, who recommended he look at Kadic for college to pursue a musical career. Ezekiel thanked her for the scholarship information and phone number, but privately discarded the idea. Later that month, however, he was forced to reconsider his position. One day he and Emil were together they were caught by Emil’s father. Furious at the perceived impurity, Emil’s father agreed not to publically denounce his son and Ezekiel only if Zeke were to self-impose exile. Ezekiel would be enduring the punishment he would be sentenced anyway, but Emil would be spared. Ezekiel agreed and called the Kirlia about his options for attending Kadic.

His family continues to request his return, seeing his departure as abandonment. On a tenuous full-ride scholarship, Zeke began studying music. He struggles with the foreign environment of a formal education, but with the little money he had he bought a computer that would recite what he typed so he could take notes and do homework. He takes basic math and English courses for reluctantly, most of his classes being music theory and performance. He still communicates with Emil in secret. One day, after a study session with Xavier and some others (as Zeke is taking middle school-level courses to catch up), Xavier asked him if he wanted to see something cool, as long as Zeke pinky-promised not to tell. Assuming he was playing a prank, Zeke agreed and followed him to an abandoned factory. To his surprise, he was introduced to a world he never would have imagined existed.

 If Ezekiel is not in class or out with friends, he is playing music. He enjoys listening and playing in equal measure, although recently he was become fascinated by editing software and has begun dabbling in it. He loves listening to movies for their story, although prefers books for obvious reasons. In classes not related to music, Zeke often has to resist dozing off and doing something else, occasionally forgetting that his teachers can see him. 

Health Points (HP):  100 HP
Attacks Astonish, Air Cutter
 Moves: Astonish             10 PP                Ghost: Power of 30, accuracy of 100. Has a 30% chance of causing the target to flinch if he attacks first. He plays his harp suddenly and loudly as he rams the opponent, surprising them as he strikes.

              Air Cutter           10 PP                Flying:  Power of 60 and hits 95% of the time. Using his wings to amplify the sound waves, he swipes a claw across his harp and  sends razor-like winds at his target

He keeps a pocketwatch that secretly has a picture of Emil in it, just for sentimentality. If someone asks for the time, he says it's broken.

-Because he has always been seen as an adult, Ezekiel is not used to having rules and restrictions being set for him and sometimes fails to see the importance of them.

-He can sing in two ranges. The first is in an octave most can't hear, which is what he did around his band. This is the most comfortable for him, but if he lowers his voice, he can sing in an octave normal for a soprano range. He rarely does so due to embarrassment, but Zeke is quite skilled at metal screaming and always loves a metal concert. 

- He plays four instruments in addition to singing, the harp, trumpet, trombone, and a cello. In order to be able to hit most of the notes on the cello, he strained his joints enough to become double-jointed. He hopes to expand his collection of playable instruments despite his restrictions

-He is still in the closet and is very uncomfortable when the subject of his sexuality is raised due to the ingrained shame he has over his nature.

-His harp (seen above) is used as a weapon in the virtual world and is able to create high magnitudes of wind from the sound waves.

-To compensate for his wings, Zeke's clothes are mostly fastened under his wings. Imagine those low-armhole tanktops… that girls and "bros" love so much

-In the virtual world, Zeke's echolocation doesn't work as it normally would, due to the lack of true physical forms. Zeke wears a visor that interprets the electric and radio waves as images to compensate so his is able to 'see' as he normally would.

The Bei by spock-lover
The Bei
What's this? I'm not dead in a ditch somewhere? I'm actually posting things?
Well, it might be poorly-watercolored and badly-scanned Avatar art, but yes. I am posting. It's Thanksgiving break and I was able to do a drawing I was actually moderately proud of, so there we are.

Hu Bei (first name Bei) is a fire bender living in the earth kingdom at the beginning of the Hundred Year War. He super wants to bang :iconridiculousling:'s character Yakone and works as an acrobat in a port-town in the southern parts of the Earth Kingdom. That's all I can really say, because campaign people are right here. Enjoy


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am an 11th grader living in the United States. I enjoy many television shows, movies, video games, and books, and waste my time obsessing over them. My drawings are generally traditional, but I recently began getting back into the digital medium. I am always willing to talk and am rarely gone from the computer for more than 12 hours.
Hi everyone, I'm moving accounts to :iconveggiescrub:. I feel like this account is old and I want to have something of a fresh start. I'll be rewatching everyone I am right now, but in all odds I won't be looking at this account for a while. 

Hope you join me at the next account!


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